Reflex Exercise Putty for stress relief, hand, grip, wrist, and arm exercises. Preferred over squeeze ball toys and springs by therapy specialists.

Reflex® Exercise Putty will increase upper athletic body strength, muscle toning and more.

You can now get into better shape for sports without working up a sweat. Reflex Exercise Putty can be used wherever you are. Office. Home. Or in transit.

The beneficial isokinetic exercise of hand, wrist and forearm becomes putty in your hand -- literally. Sqeeze, pull and stretch.

It's easy to handle. And it's easy to carry in its compact container. Color-coded in three different resistance workout levels (low, medium, and high), Reflex Exercise Putty will help make you a better recreational or professional athlete. (Note: Reflex is being used by professional athletes.)

Get a better grip on sports.

Most sports require a strong grip as well as a strong forearm, triceps and shoulder muscles for optimum performance. Reflex Exercise Putty will help improve your strength, agility and endurance to enhance proficiency in the sport of your choice. Golf. Racquet sports. Rock climbing. Water skiing. Swimming. Baseball. And bowling.

A totally new and unique polymeric exercise putty that has Memoryflex® technology.
Reflex Exercise Putty's novel proprietary technology utilizes silicone rubber and emollients, giving the putty formulation stability and long term durability.

The elastic memory assists with repetetive exercises and allows working the extensor as well as the flexor muscles.

Besides its strengthening qualities, Reflex Exercise Putty can help relieve tension and reduce stress .

The more you stretch it, the more it resists.

Reflex Exercise Putty is soothing to the feel. To activate it, simply pull Reflex putty four inches, then fold and repeat the pull and fold steps several times. After each repetition it seeks its original shape, ready to stretch again. There are various exercises possible with this strength building product.

The manufacturer of Reflex Exercise Putty is a leading supplier of therapy putty to the international medical field. Therapeutic and medical related uses should be supervised by a doctor.

Put the many benefits of Reflex Exercise Putty in your hands.


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